Eye Twitching and Headaches

Eye twitching and headaches often occur together and may be triggered by stress due to mental or physical reasons, lack of sleep, and tiredness. Certain mineral and vitamin insufficiencies, including a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D may also lead to eye twitches and headaches.

Dry eye can occur with headaches and eyelid twitches can be exacerbated by staring at a computer screen excessively because this can result in your eyes being drier than usual. Lots of people work and stare at a computer screen all day long, it's very helpful to put in artificial tear eye drops during the day and take regular breaks from looking at the screen.

Most of the time eye twitches and headaches only last for a brief time, but sometimes eye twitching for days can occur, and in extreme cases eye twitches for weeks can happen. Consider whether or not your body is dehydrated because dehydration can certainly cause eyelid spasms and headaches. It's very  important to drink sufficient amounts of water to help combat dehydration and to alleviate eye twitching combined with headaches. Adequate water intake helps to stabilize electrolytes which are essential  in the prevention of eye muscle spasms.

Take into account the relation of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine you are consuming. If you're drinking excess amounts of coffee, soda, alcohol, or using a lot of nicotine, you may want to switch to a decaffeinated version of the same drinks and/or lessening the amounts of these substances because they can all trigger eye twitching and headaches.

There are many different medicines that can cause eye twitching along with headaches and it's crucial to check with your physician to find out if any of your medications are contributing to the problem.

If you have allergies and headaches, this can be another cause of eyelid twitching, and there are a number of eye drops and medications that can help relieve this condition.

Finally, consider that your eyeglass prescription may have changed recently and you could develop eye strain from not being able to focus on objects properly and this eye strain can thus lead to eye twitching and headaches. So, it's critical to also have your prescription checked to determine if it needs to be changed.














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